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Australian Gliding Knowledge

Although the title of this book is largely self-explanatory, a few words of further explanation may help to understand its specific purpose.

The Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA) is responsible to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) for the conduct of safe gliding operations in Australia. This includes the setting and maintenance of flying standards and in particular training standards.

Most glider-pilot training is practical and “hands-on” in nature. However, there is an amount of theoretical knowledge which is not only desirable, but actually makes the task of learning to fly easier and more pleasurable. The theoretical knowledge is imparted progressively as flying training continues.

The purpose of this book is to provide a reference for the kind of knowledge which you will need as you progress through the various certificates. It covers everything you will need during training, from the basic reasons why a glider is able to fly in the first place to the meteorology which enables it to soar. It also covers most essential items in between, such as air legislation, basic navigation and use of radio.