Get yourself a computer capable of running Condor 2 - specifications available here:


Purchase and Download Condor 2 and any extra 'planes' - install it and get used to how it works


Set yourself up with some extra controllers such as a Joystick, Rudder pedals and Head tracker (or VR Goggles, Oculus Rift etc)


Get yourself some Landscapes from or the WAGA page:

Landscapes are also available via BitTorrent at this site:


Set up some voice comms with Discord (see below for details)

if you fly in our Retro condor 1 races, use Teamspeak3 also below for details


Join in the online soaring fun by:

Joining the Beverley Condor mailing list to get involved in the club contest:

The mailing list is where we distribute most of the information - highly recommended.

Check out the official Condor Server List: - this will show servers ready for you to connect. 

When it comes to connecting to the server, there is a list of running servers at the link above. I recommend bookmarking it. On that list there are [JOIN] buttons next to each server.

When you click the [JOIN] button, condor should start and bring up the multiplayer screen with the "CONNECT TO" Host address already filled in.

If there's a password, enter that and click [join] 

If the host address is empty (it happens) then close condor and click on the [JOIN] button on the server list webpage again.


Scan the Condor Soaring Online Forums:

Check out the Worlds' largest online community of Condor Pilots at


Check back here as details will be updated!


Setting up Voice Comms

Not mandatory but highly recommended when flying in a group!

Condor 2 tasks use Discord

Head on over to and get a copy of the Discord App for your type and style of PC/Mac/Monster. For windows you will need Win7 or higher.

Sign up and sign in to Discord - it's free!

Our Discord Server for Beverley and WA pilots is called soaring-aus-wa - we'll send invitation links to the channel as required via the mailing list or join from here:


Once you're in the server, there will be one or more voice channels (probably called General) - click on the name of the voice channel to get connected. If you need to change your audio device or want to set up a push-to-talk, click on the gear icon next to your name in the bottom-left and find "voice and video settings" - adjust until you're happy.

Condor 1 tasks use TeamSpeak3

Download and install the TeamSpeak3 App from

The server is called SARMA RM located in Australia > Western Australia (in server list) you may need to click in the advanced filter settings "show all" box.

Password is given on the mailing list