This is a contest between GLIDER PILOTS flying the Venerable ASTIR CS (pigbucket).

The goals of the competition are to encourage pilots who choose to fly pigbuckets to get out there over the fence as much as possible.

Generally pigbucket drivers (“porc-seau chauffer”) fall into two groups:

  • New to cross-country
  • Having limited opportunities to fly


In either case to have some friendly competition where beginners or occasional pilots have a reasonable chance of winning.

Pilots flying less pure breeds may also compete at the discretion of the Organizing Committee (OC) and on a potentially inclined playing field!

The CDPB will be held yearly from October to March.

Guinea Pig Task Library

Waypoint File(s) Clayton's Triangle Salt & Pepper Triangle Task File(s)
default PIGLETS-CUP (7 KB) pdf Training Arrow Kokeby Task (653 KB) pdf Salt Pepper Triangle Task (686 KB)  [coming soon!]


General Task Setup

Start, Finish and Turnpoints are all DAeC Type (Combination 500m Circle with 3km Sector)