The Beverley Soaring Winter 2023 Series

Weekly Race Details - every Monday


  pdf Condor 2023 Scores (65 KB)

May - New Zealand
June - Lake Keepit
July - Arc Alpin 2
August - Talca Los Andes

From 18 Races, the champion will be decided based on each pilot's top 10 race performances.

Condor Server name: Black Swan Squadron

Max Start Height: 6000'
Server UP at 1930, Stop Join at 2000, 3 mins until gate opens then gate close after 30 minutes.
Discord Channel: soaring-aus-wa


Getting Started with Condor Soaring Simulator

Get yourself a computer capable of running Condor 2 - specifications available here:

Purchase and Download Condor 2 and any extra 'planes' - install it and get used to how it works

Set yourself up with some extra controllers such as a Joystick, Rudder pedals and Head tracker (or VR Goggles, Oculus Rift etc)

Get yourself some Landscapes from or the WAGA page:

Landscapes are also available via BitTorrent at this site:



How to connect to Condor Servers

Check out the official Condor Server List: - this will show servers ready for you to connect. 

On that list there are [JOIN] buttons next to each server.

When you click the [JOIN] button, condor should start and bring up the multiplayer screen with the "CONNECT TO" Host address already filled in.

If there's a password, enter that and click [join] 

If the host address is empty (it happens) then close condor and click on the [JOIN] button on the server list webpage again.


Online communities

Condor Soaring Online Forums:

Check out the Worlds' largest online community of Condor Pilots at


Setting up Voice Comms


Head on over to and get a copy of the Discord App for your type and style of PC/Mac. For windows you will need Win7 or higher.

Sign up and sign in to Discord - it's free!

Our Discord Server for Beverley and WA pilots is called soaring-aus-wa

Connection to the Discord Server is by invitation only. Make yourself known to the organising team and we'll get you connected.

Once you're in the server, there will be one or more voice channels - click on the voice channel named 122.700 to get connected. If you need to change your audio device or want to set up a push-to-talk, click on the gear icon next to your name in the bottom-left and find "voice and video settings" - adjust until you're happy.